Virtual Memorial Testimonies


The Khmer Rouge ruled a totalitarian state in which citizens had essentially no rights – they abolished civil and political rights, private property, money, religious practices, minority languages, and foreign clothing. Citizens could be detained for the slightest offenses, and the government set up vast prisons where people were held, tortured, and executed. Though many eyewitnesses to the Cambodian genocide have passed away, the first-hand testimonies recorded in the framework of the “Virtual Memorial” project give a human voice to the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge. Interviewees come from all ethnic groups (Khmer, Cham, Vietnamese and Indigenous Peoples). We ensure that our interviews are conducted according to a strong and transparent ethical framework, and that survivors participate through a desire to tell their story and with informed consent. Any legal or safety concerns that may be associated with a survivor telling his/her story are discussed and assessed prior to any interview taking place.

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